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Viggorli Fic-A-Thon
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Welcome to anglicandoorway a Viggorli Fic-A-Thon Community

moderated by jenlynn820

Important Dates:

·Sign Up Deadline: June 12th 2005
·Assignments Given: June 15th 2005
·Submission Deadline: July 20th 2005

1. Why are you doing this?

Because there aren’t very many fics out there these days and I love Viggorli and I am crazy.

2. How does it work?

People make requests for the kinds of fics they would like to read and what they are willing to write in return. Once all the ideas are gathered I will assign the bunnies to the authors.

You can request any kind of fic you want to read as long as the pairing is Viggo Mortensen/Orlando BLoom. Please try to keep the scenario relatively simple so that authors have as much leeway as possible.

Example: The real story behind Viggo’s Lost pics.

3. What if I get assigned a fic I don't think I can write?

I will try to match people up as closely as possible according to their likes and dislikes.

4. When's the deadline for signing up?

June 12th 2005

5. When will I be given my assignment?

June 15th 2005. Fics will be due July 20th, 2005; this gives you a little more than a month to write your fic.

6. What if something happens and I can't write my fic?

Please contact me as soon as possible if you can’t write your fic so I can reassign it.

7. And just as a reminder, though I don't think it's necessary, the primary pairing of all fics submitted MUST be Viggo/Orlando

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If you have any questions please contact me at jenlynn820 @ livejournal.com

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